Who Is Iyad?

Lebanese multidisciplinary artist and designer Iyad Naja embodies the marriage of avant-garde with heritage. Having received his B.S. degree in Graphic Design from LAU in Beirut in 2000, he began his career in advertising before delving into product design. In 2013, Iyad established a design and development firm, which he dedicated to shedding light on the Arabic script and designs from the near east. Working on various concepts and materials, he aims to become an ambassador of heritage and communicate his message through a plethora of niche mediums. Seeking inspiration from elaborate culture and bustling environments. Iyad is currently pursuing his post graduate degree in Islamic Art and Architecture.

His rich sensory experiences are applied to many creative disciplines. Enriching his viewers with a fresh perspective on heritage, he creates pieces of high art from every day objects and material know how. Weaving his personal experiences to his work, he applies a personal element to art, mirroring his soul-searching methods in the foundation of his unparalleled products.

“With an explosion of media and technology, we have lost focus on our identity“, thus the artist wishes to showcase themes of emotion, individuality and culture, to bring back the focus on transformative tradition.